Journal Entry:

  • I volunteered to care for Jen’s basil plant over winter break.  I just transplanted a basil plant this morning. I hope I did not kill it. The basil plant outgrown its original black plastic pot. Roots were winding all across the boundary of the black plastic pot.
  • Tomorrow morning, I will have to split the basil plant into two pots. I will cut the bottom of the rootball and try to separate the root ball.


  1. I will also cut above the bottom two pairs of leaves and harvest immediately to encourage more growth.
  2. When you see flowers –> pluck them off. The flower grown will change the taste of the basil.
  3. Harvest often
  4. If white mold persists, water plant with 1:1 water to H2O2 mixture as well as place plants outside. The air around the plant is too humid and thus promotes mold :<