Spa On Air
Price: 15,000 won during the day or 20,000 late at night
Private Sleeping Room Add on: 20,000 (if available first come first served)
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long
Amenities: hot tub, shower, sauna, massage (Thai, pay per session), lounge
Spa On Air, Incheon International Airport’s first luxury spa, has opened the basement floor of the main terminal.

Traditional Culture Experience
The airports most popular attraction is the cultural experience zone. Here visitors can learn how to make traditional artifacts such as pencil cases, fans, and “lucky bags” from the resident faculty of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, and then take these items back home with them. There are also traditional performances including masque dances and twelve-stringed Korean harp recitals on stage. Located: Level 3F, near Gate 31 in the west wing and Level 3F, near Gate 24 in the east wing. Fee: free. Hours: 0700-2200

Younggungsa Temple Tour
Enjoy a free (usually US$5) one hour Younggungsa Temple tour located at the foot of Mt. Baegunsan nearby the airport. Built during the Silla Dynasty in 670AD this tour allows an insight into Korean history while you await your onward flight. The free one hour temple tour operates three times per day departing Incheon International Airport at 9am 11am and 3pm.

Interested passengers can simply go to the Incheon International Airport transit tour information desk between gates 3 and 4 on the First Floor of the airport arrivals lobby to join the transit tours. For bookings or enquiries visit the Freedom Travel website for full details of a wide range of transit tours available to places like the DMZ zone on the border between North and South Korea and tours to markets and other areas around Seoul.