1.5 CUP cooked rice (1/2 sweet rice, 1/2 short grain white rice)
3/4 CUP yut gee-leum (fine malt powder)
1 gallon water
1/3 CUP sugar

1. Mix malt and water GENTLY just using your fingers to break apart the clumps. Let the malt powder/water mixture sit out for about two hours and then CAREFULLY pour out the TOP part. And leave the thick malt at the bottom.
2. Add rice + malt water into a rice cooker. Then close the lid and hit “KEEP WARM!” for 5 hours.
3. Transfer the rice water mixture into a POT and bring it to a STRONG boil. At this point I added about 2 CUPS of water and 1/3 CUP of sugar.
4. Let it chill overnight in the fridge.

(Adapted from