– 360 g buckwheat noodles (dried) 3 kg (15 cups) water
– 300 g beef (brisket·shank) 2.2 ㎏ (11 cups) water
– fragrant seasoning
20 g green onion
20 g garlic
– 50 g cucumber 2 g (½ tsp) salt
– seasoning sauce
9 g (½ tbsp) clear soy sauce
24 g (2 tbsp) sugar
45 g (3 tbsp) vinegar
24 g (2 tbsp) salt
6.5 g (½ tbsp) fermented mustard
– 100 g radish
2 g (½ tsp) salt
2 g (½ tsp) sugar
15 g (1 tbsp) vinegar 1.1 g (½ tsp) fine ground red pepper
– 100 g (1/5 ea) pear 00 g (½ cup) water
4 g (1 tsp) sugar
– 120 g (2 ea) egg
1 kg water
4 g (1 tsp) salt

1. Clean blood of beef with cotton cloths. Wash the fragrant seasoning cleanly.
2. Put the beef and water in the pot, heat it up for 10 min. on high heat. When it boils, lower the heat to medium, simmer for 1 hour, add green onion and garlic, simmer for another 30 min. (1 kg). 【Photo 1】
3. Take the beef (300 g) out from the broth, slice it into 4 cm-wide, 2 cm-long and 0.2 cm-thick. After the broth cooled down, skim fats, season with seasoning sauce.
4. Wash the cucumber and halve lengthwise, slice at intervals of 0.2 cm-thick diagonally, soak it in salt water for 20 min, then wipe water with cotton cloths (43 g).
5. Shred the radish into 5 cm-long, 2 cm-wide and 0.2 cm-thick, marinate with salt, sugar, vinegar and fine ground red pepper for 20 min. (100 g). Peel the pear, cut it into half-moon shape, dip in sugar water (70 g). 【Photo 2】
1. Put the eggs, water and salt in the pot, heat it up for 5 min. on high heat. When it boils, lower the heat to medium, boil for another12min. Take out the eggs, put in cold water, then peel eggshell, cut them into two pieces.
2. Pour water in the pot, heat it up for 12 min. on high heat. When it boils, add noodles, boil for 2 min. Take the noodles out from the pot, wash in cold water by rubbing, make coils with noodles and drain water on a strainer (830 g). 【Photo 2】
3. Place the noodles in a bowl, garnish with beef, cucumber, radish, egg, pear, pine nuts and shred red pepper, then pour the cold broth. 【Photo 3】
Time Process Heat Control
Preparation Preparing beef. Trimming vegetables
0min Simmering broth H-heat 10 min. M-heat 90 min.
100min Boiling eggs H-heat 5 min. M-heat 12 min.
110min Boiling noodles H-heat 14 min.

(Adapted from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQayxW-RT1U and http://www.hansik.org/en/recipe/standard/stapleView.do?menu2Code=3&recipeId=123)