1 Sanma – Pacific Saury
70g Carrot, chopped (2.47oz)
150g Shimeji + Maitake Mushrooms (5.29oz)
1 piece of Ginger, julienned
2 Sudachi (Green Citrus) or 1/2 Lemon
A bundle of Long Green Onion, chopped
360cc Rice (1.52 u.s. cup)

– Dashi Stock –
340cc Water (1.44 u.s. cup)
3g Granulated Kombu Dashi (0.106oz)
2 tbsp Soy Sauce (try 3 next time, use ponzu sauce)
2 tbsp Sake

1. Chop off head and tail. Make a cut through the belly and remove innards. Immerse the fish in water to wash the fish. Pat dry. Cut in half. Sprinkle salt on both sides and rub into surface. Place fish onto sauce pan. Brown the surface and flip over. Be careful, the skin is very thin.
2. Cut the carrot into four pieces (not quarters). Slice each piece thinly. Split mushrooms by hand. Slice ginger into thin strips.
3. In the rice cooker, place stock with rice and mix.
4. Place dry ingredients into rice cooker with the sanma last.
5. When done cooking, remove sanma.
6. Remove the fish bones and then return the fish to the rice cooker.
7. Throughly mix all the ingredients together.
8. Add some lemon juice and fresh green onions before serving.

Use Dashi powder 😦
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