Chicken Kebab Marinate
3 Chicken Quarters, cut into 1″ pieces (suggested 2 pounds)
Cumin powder: ½ Tablespoon
Cayenne powder: ½ Tablespoon
Ground Black Pepper: ½ Tablespoon
Degi Mirch or Paprika: ½ Tablespoon
Salt: 0.75 Tablespoon
Ground Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder: ½ teaspoon, not curry powder
Fresh Ginger finely chopped: 1 Inch

Tikka Masala
Ghee (Clarified Butter): 2 Tablespoon
Onions finely chopped (almost pureed): ½ Cup
Garlic minced: 4 Cloves
Ginger finely chopped (almost pureed): 1 Inch
Cumin Powder: ½ Table spoon
Cinnamon powder: ¼ teaspoon
Cayenne Pepper: 1 teaspoon
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder: ¼ teaspoon, not curry powder
Degi Mirch: 2 teaspoon
Tomato puree: 1 Cup
Heavy whipping cream: ½ cup

Step 1:
Chicken Kebab: Mix all ingredients except chicken.
Add slits to the chicken. Add ingredients to chicken and put it in a refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Remove chicken from marinate. (Do not debone chicken. This recipe does not have yogurt, which will protect the chicken from getting dry. Instead, we will use the natural chicken skin to keep moisture from leaving the chicken)

Step 2: Line a baking pan with Aluminum foil shiny side up.
Put chicken in the pan. Pre-heat oven to 450º F. Bake chicken quarters for about 20 minutes. Turn over the chicken. bake 15 minutes or till done. (Tip: For chicken pieces with bone attached, bake longer than 10 minutes)

Step 3: Tikka Masala.
Heat Ghee in a heavy bottom pan.
Sautee onions till clear. Add Garlic and ginger. Continue sautéing. Add cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, salt and turmeric powder.
Sautee another two minutes. Add tomato puree.
Bring to a boil. Simmer about 10 minutes.
Stir in Degi Mirch, cream and cashews. Simmer on medium heat till you have a nice consistency of a thick gravy.

(Adapted from http://www.indiacurry.com/chicken/cx007chixtikkamasala.htm)

Note 2 (1/15/12, at Cathy’s House):
Used smoked paprika, grounded whole cinnamon, no cashews, Tomato puree from can
Doubled Tikki Masala w/ 3 chicken thighs (4 chicken thighs would be perfect!)
Slightly too salty, good flavor