1 cup of small dried anchovy
1 tbs olive oil
1 tbs hot pepper paste
1 tbs brown sugar
½ ts minced garlic
4 ts water
½ tbs corn syrup
1 ts sesame oil
½ tbs sesame seeds

Stir small dried anchovy without oil in a heated pan for 1 minute. Take out of pan.
Add olive oil and garlic.
Add dried anchovy back in.
Push the cooked myulchi to the edge of the pan away from the heat.
Make sauce by adding hot pepper paste, sugar, minced garlic, water, and corn syrup to the cleared spot on the pan.

Tip the pan so only the sauce is over the heat and simmer until the sauce looks shiny.
Mix the cooked anchovy with the sauce and then turn the heat off.
Add sesame oil and sesame seeds.

(Adapted from

Brown Sugar, NOT White Sugar

Without corn syrup: