Gyoza Dumplings

Ingredients for 20 gyoza
: 1/8 or 150g~200g cabbage, finely chopped
: 3 garlic chives (Nira), finely chopped
: 0.33 lb ground pork
: 1 clove chopped garlic (にんいく1個)
: 10g chopped ginger (10g 生姜)
: 1 tbsp sake (大1 酒)
: 1/2 tbsp soy sauce (大1/2 醤油 )(try 1tbsp soy sauce)
: 1 tbsp corn starch (大1 片栗粉)
: 1/2 tbsp sesami oil (大1/2 ごま油 )
: 1 tbsp oyster sauce (大1 オイスターソース)
: Gyoza skin (餃子の皮)

1. Add salt to cabbage. Set aside for 10 minutes.
2. Squeeze cabbage to dehydrate
3. Add garlic, ginger, sake, soy sauce, oyster sauce, corn starch, sesame oil
4. Set aside for 1 hour.
5. Wrap!
6. Heat oil. Place gyoza in circle. Cook in high heat for 1 minute
7. Pour hot water (water heater is best, boiled water might be too hot!!), no more than half covered. (Try 0.5 cup) Lower heat. Cover with lid and steam for 5~6 minutes.
8. Take off the lid. If there is still water, keep cooking until liquid is gone
9. Place plate over gyoza and flip!

Soy sauce, vinegar, ray-u (hot sauce)

(Adapted from


Gyoza Dumpings
NOTE: Old recipe.
(Adapted from

* 1lb ground pork
* 1 bunch of green onions
* 6-8 cabbage leaves –> remove stalks to put in soup
* 1 thumb-size piece of ginger
* 2 garlic cloves
* 2 Tbs. soy sauce
* 1 Tbs. dark sesame oil
* one pack of dumping skins (50 count)
* Sesame Oil for frying

Blanch the cabbage leaves until wilted in boiling water. Drain, let cool then squeeze hard to get out as much moisture as possible. Finely chop the cabbage and the green onions. Grate the ginger and garlic cloves. Mix all the ingredients except for the gyoza skins and oil for frying in a bowl thoroughly. Let marinate for about and hour if possible.

To steam-fry the dumplings, heat up a frying pan with oil in it. Cook over high heat for a couple of minutes until the bottoms have started to crisp up. Lower the heat to low.

Now, get a cup with about 1/2 cup of water, and a lid for the frying pan. Hold the water in one hand and the lid in the other, and rapidly pour the water into the pan and immediately put the lid on. Let the dumplings cook on low for about 10 minutes, until the tops looks sort of transparent and puffy. When the water is almost all gone, turn the heat up to high to evaporate the rest and really crisp up the bottoms. Pry the dumplings carefully off the pan with a spatula and serve crispy side up on a plate.

Dipping Sauce (Japanese and Chinese Soy sauce(a little))
1lb Ground Pork makes about 44 dumplings

Drop cabbage into boiling water, maybe add pork bones + noodles
Did not wait for all the water to evaporate; try that next time~
1/2 cup of water was too much; try 1/4 cup of water next time
Buy rounded gyoza skin

Improvements (April 25, 2010)
Bought rounded gyoza skin; made 51 + small handful of pork
1/4 cup of water was too less –> put a little over
put more garlic
add flour to the bottom of the gyoza skins –> helps them brown better
lower the heat before you put the water in
we turned the gyoza around the second time and added a little bit of water
dampen the wrappers before cooking